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Dak Lak's Specialties

Vietnamese cuisine and street food

Banh mi, Egg coffee, Bubble  tea, snack, dessert, and more

Coffee-Vietnamese Coffee-0020.jpg

Condensed milk coffee
(Ca phe sua)


Egg Coffee
(Ca phe trung)

banh mi 1.jpg

Vietnamese sandwich
(Banh mi)

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Mango Salad

Vietnamese cuisine

A super strong taste from Vietnam

“The egg coffee was amazing! A must try! Tried a couple sandwiches here and my favourite was their chicken sandwich. Juicy and flavorful”
“Great coffee, great sandwiches and their Thai Iced milk tea is absoultely amazing. The place is amazing, great place to study, read a book or chill. Hands down my favourite place in the city”
“AMAZING EGG COFFEE! I used to be an expat in Vietnam and have not had egg coffee since 2014 when I returned to Canada. This place has replicated it to a T! Would love to go back as I hear the Cafe Sua Da (iced milk coffee) is to die for.

10/10 would recommend!!”
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